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Codes are a feature where you can redeem them in Legends Of Speed. You may get them at Scriptbloxian's twitter. Codes gives you steps or gems that you can use on crystals and getting pets from them.

How To Enter:

  • Click on the twitter bird that says "CODES."
  • After that, enter the right code whether is lower-case or upper-case since codes is not case-sensitive.

Here is the list of the 7 codes in Legends Of Speed.

Code Reward
hyper250 250 Steps
legends500 500 Gems
launch200 200 Gems
sparkles300 300 Gems
SPRINT250 250 Steps
speedchampion000 5,000 Gems
racer300 300 Steps

The codes are not case-sensitive! It can be either entered as all lowercase or all uppercase.

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