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The Gamepasses can be purchased with a certain amount of Robux to give the player special perks.

2x Speed

Price: 299 Robux Ability: Doubling Your Speed

2x Level

Price: 349 Robux

Ability: Doubling Your Level So You Can Enter The Area Faster After You Rebirth

Unlimited Level

Price: 449 Robux

Ability: Makes your level unlimited so you can keep leveling up, even after reaching the max level.

Faster Hoops

Price: 249 Robux

Ability: Makes The Hoops Have No Recharge So You Can Farm Your Steps On Hoops

2x Races

Price: 249 Robux

Ability: Doubles your amount of races.

2x Rebirth

Price: 399 Robux

Ability: Doubling Your Amount Of Rebirth

2+ Pet Slots

Price: 399 Robux

Ability: Adds More Pet Slots. So You Can Equip 4 Pets At A Time

15+ Capacity

Price: 49 Robux

Ability: Adds 15 More capacity to trails & pets

50+ Capacity

Price: 139 Robux

Ability: Adds 50 capacity to trails & pets

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