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Legends Highway is a map that was released on January 22, 2020 and can only be accessed after beating the Electro Cave obstacle course which requires 10 rebirths. It may have replaced sewers since sewers previously requires 10 rebirths. Upon your first visit to Legends Highway, you will receive the "Legends Highway" badge.

Also, the pets will be shown below that is in Omega Tier.

Electro Legends Crystal - 100K Gems

- Soul Fusion Dog (30%)

- Hypersonic Pegasus (25%)

- Dark Soul Birdie (20%)

- Eternal Nebula Dragon (15%)

- Shadows Edge Kitty (8%)

- Ultimate Overdrive Bunny (2%)

The recommended speed for this area is 300 and recommended jump (jumppower) is 200. So that way, when your too fast, you can change those things when you click/tap on the settings menu. This information is also given on the wooden sign.

Fun Fact

  • The Electro Legends Crystal contains the pets from Ninja Legends!