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Legends Of Speed is a speed simulator game where you can collect orbs, go through hoops, collect pets, race your friends, unlock courses, worlds which will cost rebirths, levels, races. Gems has its own thing where you can buy pets and evolve them to have better stats.

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Update News

- TRADING! Trade your pets with other players! (+1 rebirth needed!)

- NEW 'Legends Highway' MAP! Requires 10+ rebirths! Orbs give x4 stats here! Find entrance on Magma City! Can you pass Electro Cave obstacles to reach it?

- NEW 'Electro Legends Crystal' - find in the middle of Legends Highway!

  • Contains OMEGA Pets!

- NEW 'Omega' Pet Rarity Tier!

- Speed 300-500 and Jump 150-300 recommended for new map! Change in the Settings menu!

- New 'Legends Highway' Badge
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